Vegan Mapo Tofu

Vegetarian adaptation of the well-known Sichuan dish, this Mapo Tofu has a decent kick to it from the Sichuan peppercorns and aged beans glue. Pair it with jasmine rice for a filling supper.

Disclaimer: this is not the slightest bit a genuine formula for Mapo Tofu. This dish is roused by not many veggie-lover forms of Mapo tofu that I have attempted in cafés and from this formula. I have additionally made it in a manner that is more reasonable to my sense of taste (less warmth) so this is a long way from a valid Sichuan adaptation.

One of the primary reasons I cherished eating out was because you will attempt such countless new things when you eat out. All things considered, that hasn’t been feasible throughout the previous year and I appallingly miss it.

Sure we do take-outs constantly however it’s simply not the equivalent. There likewise have been zero voyagings and for me, voyaging and food go connected at the hip. Truth be told at whatever point we would design our movements, we would initially check every one of the cool cafés nearby and afterward plan our days in like manner.

It resembles our itinerary items spun around food. At the point when we went to Paris, I in a real sense looked for quite a long time on where to locate the best croissants or gelato, and almost certain we went to every single spot. I truly miss travel and those undertakings!

Returning to food, however, I have consistently cherished Asian cooking. Lamentably I have never gone to any of these nations so my insight into the food is restricted to what I have eaten in eateries in the US.

Tofu is ordinarily utilized in Asian plans and Mapo tofu turns out to be a well-known formula that is frequently on the menu. It’s hot, has such a lot of flavor and I love it with some jasmine or earthy colored rice.

What is Mapo Tofu?

It’s a celebrated dish from the Sichuan area in China. This area is celebrated for its hot food and Mapo tofu is no exemption.

Customarily Mapo tofu is made with delicate tofu and pork I am sharing a vegetarian rendition where I supplanted the meat with mushrooms.

The fundamental kind of Mapo tofu comes from its star fixings like Sichuan peppercorns, fiery bean glue (more on these fixings beneath). Sichuan peppercorns give this dish its trademark desensitizing sensation.

Since I can’t deal with such a lot of warmth, I have adjusted the formula a great deal as per my taste and consequently the disclaimer at the outset.


Mapo Tofu formula utilizes some claim to fame fixings. These are not fixings that you will like to have at home until and except if you are Asian obviously.

I enthusiastically suggest getting these fixings on the off chance that you need to make all the more such formula. You can locate every one of these fixings either at your neighborhood Asian supermarket or on amazon.

Tofu: at whatever point I cook tofu, I generally pick the extra-firm assortment. I’m not a devotee of delicate tofu and extra-firm works better in Indian plans so it’s forever my decision of tofu.

In any case, for this Mapo tofu, you need delicate tofu or silken tofu. Try not to utilize extra-firm tofu for this formula.

Something that I learned while perusing more about this formula is that since the tofu is so delicate here, you can warm it in water for few moments and that helps firm it up a piece.

This tofu is extremely delicate so it breaks without any problem. I attempted one cluster without adding tofu to boiling water and another clump with tofu in steaming hot water for 4 to 5 minutes. I sincerely didn’t locate a major distinction yet I thought the one which bubbled in water for a piece was somewhat more firm.

Thus, if you need you can do this extra advance.

Mushrooms: the mushrooms supplant the meat in this veggie lover form of Mapo tofu.

They must be minced for this formula or finely cleaved, I utilize my food chopper for this, functions admirably. You can utilize whatever mushrooms you like yet I lean toward utilizing shiitake mushrooms here.

Sichuan peppercorns: on the off chance that you have never attempted this allowed me to disclose to you this is nothing similar to dark peppercorns, not even distantly comparative. It has a flower smell, and when you put it into your mouth, it has this shivering sensation and afterward some sort of metallic and desensitizing sensation a while later. I can say this unhesitatingly that I have had nothing like this. It’s additionally exceptionally solid a little goes far!

While chipping away at this formula, I read about the roots of this dish, and obviously, there’s no Mapo tofu without Sichuan peppercorns. I added a ton of it in my first preliminary. I additionally squashed it and afterward added it-you all my dish was simply unpalatable. I needed to toss it in the waste.

I believe it’s a mixed bag. If you are unfamiliar with it, this may be altogether too much for your taste buds. I have radically decreased the amount of Sichuan peppercorns in this formula. On the off chance that you like the flavor, you can expand the add up to even 2 teaspoons. I utilized 1/2 teaspoon and even that I eliminated after sautéing in the oil.

Along these lines, fundamentally I sautéed the peppercorns in oil for few moments to mix the oil with it and afterward eliminated it from oil. This is only my approach to ensure that the dish has that slight taste from the peppercorns however it doesn’t overwhelm the dish.

If you love it-you can utilize a greater amount of it. Sauté entire peppercorns and don’t eliminate them from oil (like I did). Or you can dry meal them a little and afterward smash them utilizing mortar and pestle and afterward use in the formula.

Squashing the peppercorns makes the flavor significantly more articulated so remember this. You can likewise utilize Sichuan peppercorn oil which is now implanted with the flavors.

Just to explain once more, I comprehend that is a less measure of Sichuan peppercorns that I have included the formula and conventional plans utilize a lot more of it. In any case, this is the thing that worked for my tasted buds and you should don’t hesitate to change this add-up as you would prefer and inclination.

I additionally imagine that perhaps the peppercorns mix well with the meat yet in the vegetarian form their taste turns out to be considerably more articulated and subsequently the issue that I had when I added a greater amount of it.

Matured bean glue: I have utilized two sorts of aged glue/sauce here-

Gochujang: this is a hot stew glue made with glutinous rice, matured beans, and so forth This can be incredibly fiery yet the brand that I utilized was not zesty. It has a solid flavor, it’s pungent, and has some pleasantness to it. Sure it’s hot however it’s not extra-zesty.

Various brands will have diverse zest levels. So try to try it before you use the formula. On the off chance that the brand you are utilizing is very fiery, try to eliminate the measure of gochujang utilized in the formula.

Toban Djan (Chili Bean Sauce): this is a mix of chilies and aged beans and functions admirably in the formula to make that profundity of flavors. Again this isn’t exceptionally hot yet various brands will have distinction zest levels.

Flavorings: other than these primary fixings, the formula additionally utilizes heaps of ginger-garlic and soy sauce and sesame sauce for flavor. I likewise add little sugar to adjust the flavors.

Now and again Asked Questions

What would I be able to fill in for Sichuan peppercorns?

Entire back peppercorns would be a substitute. Albeit the two peppercorns are different in taste with Sichuan having a botanical fragrance and shivering taste. It’s certainly novel and difficult to supplant.

Some likewise suggest utilizing a blend of coriander seeds and dark peppercorns.

Substitute for matured bean glue?

Once more, these ought not to be supplanted in light of the flavors they have. Yet, hoisin sauce alongside a hot sauce can be attempted as a substitution.

Substitute for mushrooms?

I figure lentils can be a substitute, possibly chana dal or soy granules can likewise be subbed.

Is this veggie lover Mapo tofu formula sans gluten?

No, the stew bean sauce has wheat in it. If you read the marks and ensure that the sauces are sans wheat, at that point the formula will be without gluten.

Serving ideas for Mapo tofu?

I love eating mine with jasmine white rice or earthy colored rice. You can likewise serve a side of green beans, broccoli, or a serving of mixed greens alongside.


1- This progression is discretionary however solidifies the delicate tofu a tad. So for this progression, bubble water in an enormous pot and afterward add 3D shapes of tofu to warm water and let it be there for 4 to 5 minutes and afterward eliminate tofu from water and put it in a safe spot. You can skirt this progression.

2- To a skillet, heat 2 tablespoons oil (I utilized avocado oil) and 1 teaspoon stew oil on low-medium warmth. When hot, that add Sichuan peppercorns. Sauté 1-2 minutes until the oil has a decent smell from the peppercorns.

3- Turn off the warmth and afterward eliminate the dish from the warmth and afterward utilizing kitchen tweezers eliminate the peppercorns from oil. Kindly note that if you lean toward the kind of these peppercorns, you can leave the peppercorns thusly and there’s no compelling reason to eliminate them at that point.

You can likewise add more peppercorns if you need them here. This is exactly what I liked.

4- Put the container back on warmth and switch on the warmth again to medium-low and add gochujang. Sauté the glue for 1 to 2 minutes in the oil.

5- Then add ginger-garlic alongside stew bean sauce. Additionally, add the mushrooms to the container. Mix and increment the warmth to medium.

6- Cook the mushrooms for around 6 minutes until they are caramelized.

7- Then add water and mix.

8- Add the soy sauce and blend.

9- Also add the sugar and salt and blend well. You can change the consistency now, on the off chance that you favor more sauce, add more water.

Then in a little bowl blend 3 teaspoons cornstarch alongside 2 tablespoons water.

10- Now add the readied cornstarch slurry to the dish (mix before adding to ensure the cornstarch hasn’t settled down at the base). Mix and the sauce will thicken right away.

11- Add the tofu and throw, be cautious as the tofu is delicate and might disintegrate so throw tenderly. Allow it to stew for 2 minutes. At that point add sesame oil and mood killer the warmth.

12- Add cleaved green onions on top.

Serve Mapo tofu with more green onions with jasmine rice. On the off chance that you like the kind of Sichuan peppercorns, you can likewise pound some of it and sprinkle

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