Simple Vegan Tomato Soup

Simple Vegan Tomato Soup made in the Instant Pot!

This straightforward soup made with fundamental fixings will warm you up on a cool day.

Tomato Soup was one of the lone 2-3 soups that I knew as a child, the other being sweet corn and blended vegetable soup.

We generally made fast tomato soup during winters and it was quite often produced using that parcel of Knorr soup, those were the days! Presently, I don’t recall the last time I made soup from a bundle.

Making soups at home is so natural and when you utilize new fixings, it’s such a ton better as well, with no additives.

This simple vegetarian tomato soup is one soup that I make so regularly during winters. The explanation is straightforward it needs essential fixings and I generally have tomatoes in my kitchen!

Indian food particularly the sabzis, dals, and curries quite often include tomatoes so there will never be a lack of tomatoes in my home. Along these lines, at whatever point I am in temperament for soup, this tomato soup shows up on my feasting table.

It’s light and decent and makes an encouraging feast particularly on cool days.

This vegetarian tomato soup utilizes not very many fixings and no there’s no coconut milk to make it rich. My better half doesn’t care for the kind of coconut milk in soups so he was alleviated that for a change I didn’t add any to this soup (which I ordinarily consistently wind up doing)!

Along these lines, if you are not a fanatic of coconut milk in your soups like my significant other, at that point this soup is for you!

The soup gets its richness from cashews, which is sufficient to make the soup velvety without engaging the new kind of tomatoes.

As the name proposes this is a “straightforward soup”, it doesn’t have numerous fixings and it has a basic flavor profile.

This Simple Vegan Tomato Soup

✔is veggie lover and without gluten.

✔made in the Instant Pot.

✔makes an ameliorating dinner.

✔made with promptly accessible fixings.

I think one of the primary reasons I like this soup and make it so frequently is a direct result of its effortlessness.

Utilizing the Instant Pot, this soup is a breeze to assemble. There’s very little planning time all things considered.

Fixings of Simple Vegan Tomato Soup

This soup formula needs just a small bunch of fixings!

Tomatoes: they are the primary element for this soup. Utilize pleasant new tomatoes, the better it is. If the tomatoes are tart, you may have to add minimal more sugar to adjust the flavors.

I would not suggest utilizing canned tomatoes here, the new tomatoes work best.

Veggies: I use carrots and onions here. Both add flavor and the carrots likewise add to shading and give the soup a little better taste which I like. I likewise like adding garlic to this soup for flavor.

You can likewise add celery here if you need it, I do add it now and then and it functions admirably.

Cashews: entire crude cashews help in making the soup velvety. If you don’t have cashews, almonds will likewise function admirably, simply make a point to utilize unsalted and crude nuts.

What’s more, if utilizing almonds, whiten them before utilizing them.

Preparing: the flavors for the soup are exceptionally straightforward, simply salt, pepper (I like utilizing both dark pepper and white pepper), some sugar, and cilantro.

You can likewise decorate the soup with new basil if you don’t care for cilantro.

Serving Suggestions

I like to serve this soup for certain bread garnishes my most loved are garlic bread garnishes!

To make it a filling dinner, you can serve the soup with a flame-broiled cheddar sandwich or you can likewise serve it with a side plate of mixed greens or wafers.

As often as possible Asked Questions

Would I be able to utilize vegetable stock instead of water?

Indeed you may, that will add more flavor to the soup. Anyway, I like utilizing water here because I feel the kinds of tomatoes are more articulated along these lines.

Can I utilize canned tomatoes?

You can, yet I would recommend utilizing new tomatoes here.

Would I be able to make this soup on the burner?

Indeed, kindly see the formula card underneath.


Press the sauté button on the Instant Pot. When it shows hot, add the oil and afterward add the cove leaf, garlic, and onion. Cook 3 minutes, until the onions relax.

At that point add the cashews, carrots, and tomatoes. Give a fast mix and add salt, dark pepper. At that point add water and close the cover.

Press the manual or pressing factor cook catch and cook on high pressing factor for 10 minutes with the pressing factor valve in the fixing position.

Allow the strain to deliver normally or you can do a brisk pressing factor discharge following 10 minutes.

Open the cover, eliminate the cove leaf and afterward eliminate the steel pot from the moment pot and let the substance of the soup chill off for 10 minutes and afterward move them to a blender (or you can utilize a submersion blender where case you will not have to move the substance to a different blender).

Add white pepper powder, sugar (discretionary, if utilizing) and mix the soup to a smooth consistency. Strain the soup on the off chance that you need it for a smoother soup (I don’t strain it).

Enhance this vegetarian tomato soup with cilantro and serve hot with a side of saltines or barbecued cheddar!

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