Panch Phoron Dahi Baingan

Seared child eggplants layered in a dish with exchanging layers of Indian masala and whisked yogurt.

Finished off with a Tadka (treating) of curry leaves, dried red chilies, and Panch Phoron (five zest blend) this Dahi Baingan makes an incredible vegan dish to serve at a gathering or exactly when you need to appreciate eggplants alternately!

My hands consistently get the jug of panch Phoron when I am cooking eggplants in an Indian manner.

This has to do with the way that my mother utilized Panch Phoron in aloo baingan constantly, so I was utilized to that flavor.

There was no panch Phoron in baingan Bharta, however, the straightforward aloo baingan consistently had it.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, panch Phoron is five flavor blend and comprises cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, kalonji (nigella seeds), mustard seeds, and fennel seeds.

It’s a mainstream flavor blend in eastern pieces of India particularly. My mother added it to a few pan-sears and chutneys. My cookbook truth be told has a panch Phoron tomato chutney which I love.

This Dahi Baingan formula is propelled from a few eggplant-yogurt mix plans that I have attempted in the course of the most recent couple of years-Pakistani Dahi baingan (this formula), at that point the Bengali Doi started and the Afghani Borani Banjan.

I joined these plans and concocted this Panch Phoron Dahi Baingan Recipe. It has layers of seared eggplant, masala layer with panch Phoron and finished off with a Tadka of curry leaves and dried red chilies.

It is so delightful to you all and makes a particularly decent change on the off chance that you are exhausted from eating eggplant a similar way.

This Dahi Baingan

✔ is not difficult to assemble.

✔ makes an incredible dish for parties.

✔ can be made ahead in ahead.

✔ served cold or room temperature, so extraordinary for potlucks!

I have utilized infant eggplant here and I think they turn out better for this formula. Notwithstanding, you may utilize a customarily measured eggplant as well.

The infant eggplant makes the cuts scaled-down and that is better for filling needs.

The first occasion when I at any point had an eggplant and yogurt mix dish was at an Afghani eatery in Seattle. That dish was Borani Banjan and I fell head over heels in love for it at the principal nibble.

This was not a blend that was made in my home so it was new to me yet one that I in a split second cherished.

It was a short time later that I attempted a few alternate methods of getting ready eggplant with yogurt and adored every one of them. This formula is my interpretation of all the yogurt and eggplant mix dishes that I have tasted taking all things together these years.

There is something so straightforward about this dish. It’s straightforward in methodology yet large on flavors.

It has rotating layers of the seared eggplant, masala, and yogurt and all finished off with a delightful Tadka of curry leaves and dried chilies and decorated with cilantro.

You can profound fry the eggplants here yet I have sautéed them.

A standout amongst other parts about this dish is that it is served cold or at room temperature. That makes it ideal to make ahead for parties.

Simply make it days ahead of time, pop it in the refrigerator and it will be prepared to serve the following day.

My main thing about this dish is certainly the panch Phoron. It lifts the kinds of the dish! The fennel, cumin, fenugreek, nigella seeds all supplement the eggplant wonderfully.

I like to layer this in a similar dish in which I intend to serve it. So I have utilized a little dutch broiler here, you can utilize a square or rectangular serving dish as well.


1-Wash and cut the infant eggplants in 1/4 inch thick adjusts. Warmth 2 tablespoons oil on medium warmth in a wide dish. When hot, add the cut eggplants in a solitary layer in the container.

2-You may have to do this in two rounds since all the cuts will not fit in the skillet in one turn. Fry each cluster until eggplant cut is brilliant earthy colored and cooked through, around 8 to 10 minutes, flipping once in the middle.

3-Once done, place the eggplant cuts on a plated fixed with a paper towel. Fry regardless of cuts also and set.

4-Meanwhile, make the masala. In another skillet, heat 1 tablespoon oil on medium warmth. When hot, add 1 teaspoon Panch Phoron. Stand by until the seeds sizzle and mustard seeds pop.

4-Add the cleaved onion, mix and afterward add the ginger-garlic glue. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes until onion relax.

5-Lower the warmth and add all the flavors coriander, cumin, amchur, Kashmiri red stew powder, turmeric, red bean stew powder, and garam masala alongside salt.

3-Stir and add water.

4-Let the masala stew for 3 to 4 minutes or so on low warmth. Eliminate skillet from heat.

9-Whisk yogurt in an enormous bowl with squeeze sugar and 1/2 teaspoon salt until smooth.

10-Now, begin layering the dish. To layer the dish, take your serving dish. I utilized a little dutch stove here.

Brush the lower part of the pot with 1 tablespoon of yogurt.

11-Drop a portion of the masala over the yogurt, around 1-2 teaspoons, and afterward place 1/third of the eggplant cuts on top (partition eggplant cuts in 3 equivalent parts).

12-Again add a portion of the masala on top of the eggplant.

13-Followed by 1/3 to 1/2 cup of yogurt. Spread the yogurt to cover it.

14, 15, and 16-Top with masala once more, next 1/third of eggplant cuts and followed by yogurt (around 1/3 cup).

17, 18 and 19-Again last layer of eggplant (you can save not many to embellish at the top) finished off with all the excess masala (save a teaspoon to spread on top) and finished off with all the leftover yogurt.

20-Place the excess 1 teaspoon masala on top.

21-Use a toothpick to whirl the masala around and make an example. On the off chance that you have saved any eggplant pieces, place them on top, plunge them in little yogurt, and afterward place (this is for introduction reason as it were).

22-For the Tadka, heat oil. When hot, add 1/4 teaspoon panch Phoron and let the seeds sizzle and mustard seeds pop.

23-Then dried red stew and curry leaves and mood killer the warmth.

24-Pour tadka over the dish. Sprinkle hacked cilantro all finished.

Serve Dahi Baingan cold or at room temperature with any bread of decision. It will work out in a good way for naan or pita bread.

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