Instant Pot Garlic Noodles

We as a whole love noodle, isn’t that right? All the more so if they rush to make it! These Instant Pot Garlic Noodles are only that.

So natural to make in the Instant Pot, pack a great deal of flavor and make a simple weeknight dinner. They are additionally vegetarian!

At whatever point I am in a rush or can’t consider what to make for supper, I normally wind up making noodles or the like.

Moment Pot has made it truly simple to cook noodles and pasta. Prior, I would loathe heating the noodles independently thus I would not cook them so much.

In any case, presently with the moment pot, they are consistently on our week after week menu.

One of my new most loved ones is these Garlic Noodles. It’s truly basic such that it doesn’t have any veggies and relatively few fixings.

Nonetheless, it’s exceptionally delightful and I believe that is the most amazing aspect of this dish-it’s effortlessness.

It has huge loads of garlic flavor (needs to legitimize the name, right?) so if you are a garlic sweetheart, you will cherish this one!

Right now Pot Garlic Noodles

✔gets done in a short time or less.

✔one-pot dinner, no heating the noodles independently.

✔vegan and can be effortlessly made sans gluten.

✔makes a simple weeknight supper.

By and by, I love noodles stacked with veggies. Indeed I love everything with additional veggies whether it’s pizza or pasta, I believe it’s simply my adoration for vegetables that I discover things more delectable when they have more vegetables in them.

In any case, I make a special case for these garlic noodles and love them thusly. It is not necessarily the case that you can’t add vegetables here or they will not function admirably here. They obviously will yet this formula functions admirably how it is.

It’s basic and that is the thing that makes it work.


This formula utilizes not very many fixings just 9 fixings out of which 2 are trims. I’m not including the salt and sugar here.

Rice noodles: I love utilizing rice noodles in this formula. The ones that I have utilized here are sautéed food rice noodles from the Thai Kitchen brand which you can discover at any Asian supermarket or even at ordinary supermarkets in the International food segment.

You can likewise utilize ordinary spaghetti here, simply the cooking time will change. See the much of the time posed inquiries segment underneath for additional.

Soy sauce: ordinary soy sauce is the thing that I have utilized here. You can utilize dim soy sauce and on the off chance that you need to make this without gluten, use tamari.

Hot sauce: for that heat, this formula utilizes 1 tablespoon of sriracha. On the off chance that that seems as though a ton to you, unquestionably cut down on it.

You can utilize any hot sauce you incline toward like sriracha or Sambal Oelek.

Rice vinegar: I like utilizing rice vinegar in Asian roused plans yet you can utilize white vinegar if that is the thing that you have close by.

Garlic: Since the name is garlic noodles, there’s part of garlic here. I utilize 2.5 tablespoons of finely cleaved garlic.

Utilize a food processor to slash it truly fine, you would presumably require 10-15 cloves of garlic for this (contingent upon the size of cloves clearly).

Ginger: the formula additionally requires some ginger, it’s considerably less in amount than garlic however it adds to enhance.

Trimmings: white sesame seeds and green onions are utilized as embellishments here. You may likewise embellish with cilantro.

Other than these fixings, there’s some salt and sugar and 1/2 of red onion. You can skirt on the onion if you need. We are an onion adoring family so we end up adding it to most noodles and pasta.

This formula additionally utilizes 2 sorts of oil-I have utilized a tablespoon of sesame oil and a tablespoon of avocado oil. You can utilize any flavorless oil like canola and so on instead of avocado oil.

However, I strongly suggest not supplanting the sesame oil. It adds to the kind of noodles.

Cooking time: for me 3 minutes high pressing factor with 3 minutes characteristic pressing factor discharge works consummately. It gives me that correct surface where it’s cooked at this point not soft by any stretch of the imagination.

If you incline toward gentler noodles, you may add an extra 1-2 minutes to your pressing factor cooking time.

Regularly Asked Questions

How to make it sans gluten?

Simple, use tamari (sans gluten soy sauce) instead of soy sauce. As far as I can tell tamari has a lighter flavor than customary soy sauce so you may have to add a greater amount of tamari.

Would we be able to utilize spaghetti here instead of rice noodles?

Indeed ought to be fine. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes on high pressing factor all things considered. On the off chance that utilizing entire wheat spaghetti, cook for 8 minutes.

Do I need to add more water if utilizing an 8qt?

This formula has been tried utilizing a 6qt in particular. The fresher models particularly 8qt are more inclined to the BURN message.

In this way, if your IP shows that message frequently, you should add an extra 1/2 cup of water here. Once more, hasn’t been tried in 8qt however I am expecting it would require more water if your IP is inclined to the consuming issue.

Would I be able to add vegetables to this formula?

Indeed, a portion of the veggies that you can add here are carrots, mushrooms, peppers.

You can likewise add broccoli however I would add that after the noodles are pressure cooked else it would go to mush. You can likewise add seared tofu for protein.


1-Press the sauté catch and afterward press the change catch to set sauté to “less”. When it shows hot, add a tablespoon of every one of sesame oil and avocado oil (or any flavorless oil) and afterward add the slashed garlic. I like to sauté the garlic on low since it works better this route for the noodles to retain the garlic flavor without the garlic consuming with smoldering heat excessively fast.

Cook for around 4 to 5 minutes mixing frequently until the garlic simply begins to change the tone. Now press “drop” and afterward press the sauté again and press change catch to set sauté to “ordinary” presently.

2-Add the cleaved ginger and cut onions. Cook for 1 moment.

3-Then add the soy sauce, rice vinegar, and hot sauce and mix.

4-Add the water, scratch the base and ensure there’s nothing stuck at the lower part of the pot else the pot will not come to pressure. On the off chance that you have an 8qt and you get to consume the message, you may require an extra 1/2 cup of water here.

5-Also add the sugar and salt and mix.

6-Add the noodles on top, you may need to break a couple with the end goal for them to fit. Press the noodles somewhat with the assistance of a spatula, just so they are somewhat wet.

(PS: if putting the noodles is requiring significant investment and water begins heating a ton, you can generally squeeze drop and layer the noodles).

Close the top and press the manual or pressing the factor cook button. Cook on high pressing factor for 3 minutes with the pressing factor valve in the fixing position (you can add additional 2 minutes for milder noodles, for me 3 minutes is great).

7-Let the pressing factor discharge normally for 3 minutes and afterward do a fast pressing factor discharge by physically moving the valve from fixing to the venting position.

Open the top and throw the noodles with a couple of utensils.

8-Add the cleaved green onions.

Top with more green onions, white sesame seeds, and serve these garlic noodles with your #1 hot sauce as an afterthought!

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