Instant Pot Broccoli Almond Soup

Simple Broccoli Almond Soup made in the Instant Pot.

This one-pot soup is so soothing and genuinely rich and velvety!

Sarvesh wasn’t partial to numerous vegetables when we initially met, around 19 years prior (goodness!).

This was a sharp differentiation to me, the all-veggie adoring young lady who can live on veggies alone.

In any case, my adoration for veggies has scoured on to him throughout the long term and now after practically 8.5 long stretches of marriage, I can say that he eats tons a greater number of veggies than he used to!

One of the veggies which he never focused on and now really loves is broccoli.

Not many of his #1 approaches to eat it is cooked broccoli and malai broccoli. Furthermore, presently there’s another expansion to that rundown this Broccoli Almond Soup!

Assuming you like velvety soups, this one is for you.

This Broccoli Almond Soup

✔ is made in the Instant Pot.

✔ requires not many fixings.

✔ is rich and smooth.

✔ veggie lover and sans gluten.

✔ keeps you full for long!

The elements for this soup are basic and this soup doesn’t have a lot preparing by the same token.

The kind of this soup chiefly comes from broccoli and almonds. These two taste great together.

It is consequently that I will not suggest supplanting almonds with cashews, the almond flavor is truly pleasant here.

Salt and pepper are the lone flavorings here. I like utilizing white pepper powder here notwithstanding dark pepper. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t have it, you may skip it.

The interaction to make this broccoli almond soup is excessively straightforward. The solitary prep that is required is to whiten the almonds.

Indeed you can do this ahead of time and afterward straight away continue to make the soup. Be that as it may, assuming you resemble me and neglect to design ahead of time, it just requirements an additional 5 minutes to do it.

Add almonds to extremely hot water for 5 minutes, at that point channel the water and squeeze the almonds to eliminate the skin. It comes out without any problem. Whenever that is done, the soup is a breeze to assemble.

Which milk to utilize? Other than almonds, the soup additionally gets its richness from milk. I utilized coconut milk here and kept the formula veggie-lover, anyway you may utilize any milk here.

Customary dairy milk will turn out great or even almond milk will work.

This soup is truly rich. I and Sarvesh were so full in the wake of having bowls of this for supper. It truly tops off you and Sarvesh who ordinarily doesn’t consider soup as supper didn’t need whatever else in the wake of having it!

If you all have part of broccoli lying around in your cooler, check this formula out. It is simple, encouraging, and nutritious!


1-Place almonds in extremely hot water for 5 minutes. At that point channel the water and squeeze the almonds to eliminate the skin, it will come out without any problem. Put in a safe spot.

2-Press the saute catch on the Instant Pot. When it shows hot, add the olive oil and afterward the slashed garlic and onion. Saute for 2 minutes until the onions relax.

3-Then add the hacked celery, broccoli florets, and whitened almonds. Throw to consolidate.

4-Add 1.5 cups (12 oz) water and mix.

5-Also add the salt and close the cover. Before shutting cover, ensure there’s nothing stuck at the lower part of the pot so scratch if there’s anything with your spatula.

6-Press the manual or pressing factor cook catch and cook on high pressing factor for 5 minutes. Allow the strain to deliver normally for 10 minutes and afterward fast delivery the leftover pressing factor.

7-Open the pot and puree the soup utilizing a hand blender or if utilizing a normal blender as I paused, for the soup to chill off for 10 to 15 minutes or thereabouts and afterward move the substance to the blender. Try not to puree in a blender when the substance is too hot, it may explode all finished.

8-Puree to a smooth consistency.

9-Transfer the soup back to the pot (you don’t have to do this on the off chance that you utilized a hand blender clearly) and press the saute catch.

10-Add milk and mix. I utilized coconut milk here however you can utilize any milk of decision.

11-Add extra 1 cup water (8 0z) water. This may appear to be a great deal however the soup thickens as it cools so this much water is entirely fine.

12-Stir in dark pepper and white pepper powder. Allow the soup to stew for 2 to 3 minutes on saute.

Serve the broccoli almond soup hot. You can press some lemon juice if you need a tang.

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