Gajar Matar Sabzi

A straightforward Indian sautéed food made with winter carrots and green peas. This Gajar Matar sabzi was a staple in my home growing up.

Serve it with straightforward roti and dal for a delightful dinner.

We would eat a ton of Gajar Matar sabzi during winters. Another most loved was aloo Gajar Matar where potatoes were additionally included the option to the carrot and peas.

There was a great deal of new winter red carrots and sweet green peas during winters in Delhi and that is the explanation and it was made regularly during those chilly months. Truth be told mother never made it outside of those months, we ate so occasionally at that point.

This year I was fortunate to discover the colder time of year red carrots here thus I needed to make the Gajar Matar, after making Gajar halwa! I actually couldn’t locate the sweet peas and had to do with frozen peas yet the red carrots more than compensated for everything!

What I like most about this sabzi is that it is so straightforward. This is actually how it was made in my home without onions and tomatoes and just with essential flavors.

I’m almost certain my mother’s form was considerably easier than this. It, because kept so straightforward, was to ensure that the kinds of the new vegetables radiate through.

Particularly the carrots and peas are so sweet during winters, so you need to taste them and make the most of their flavors.

This Gajar Matar Sabzi

✔is made with basic fixings.

✔doesn’t utilize a lot of flavors.

✔doesn’t use onion or tomatoes.

✔is veggie lover and can be handily made without gluten.

I love this sabzi with warm Rotis and a side of dal, that is how I ate it on those cool December days in the wake of returning from school.

Regular Indian food resembles this-it is straightforward. The cafés here in the US paint a significant distinctive image of Indian food. This sabzi is a great representation of the food that I grew up eating in my home ordinary.

It was for the most part vegetarian and never had numerous fixings or cream or margarine. It was super fundamental!

The carrots that I utilized here cooked rapidly. The explanation was that they were extremely new and occasional so they cooked in like 6-7 minutes. It might require some investment to cook if the carrots are not this delicate and new in any case.


Carrots: one of the fundamental elements for this pan-fried food is carrots. The red winter carrots work best here.

You can make this sabzi with orange carrots as well however they are not as sweet as red carrots and need flavor. Thus, on the off chance that you can utilize red carrots here.

Green Peas: this is the other primary element for this dish. In India, we in every case new green peas for this dish, anyway I was unable to discover them here and consequently utilized frozen peas.

On the off chance that green peas are accessible in your general vicinity, do utilize them.

Garlic-Ginger: I like enhancing this pan-fried food with garlic and ginger. The formula doesn’t utilize onions or tomatoes so the ginger and garlic confer a great deal of flavor.

Flavors and preparing: just a couple of flavors like cumin seeds, Hing (asafoetida), turmeric, and coriander powder are utilized in this formula.

You can utilize some red stew powder and garam masala for additional zest and flavor on the off chance that you like. I like to keep it basic.

I love cooking this dish in mustard oil since that adds its flavor to the dish, anyway you can utilize any oil of decision. Also, decent trimming with cilantro is a must!

On the off chance that you incline toward some tang, you can likewise crush some lemon squeeze eventually.

Now and again Asked Questions

Is the formula sans gluten?

No, it isn’t since I have utilized Hing which contains wheat. To make it sans gluten, either skirt the Hing or use sans wheat Hing.

Would we be able to add onions and tomatoes?

Indeed you may. Cook the onions first and afterward add the tomatoes and cook them and afterward add the flavors and vegetables.

Would we be able to add garam masala?

Indeed, you can sprinkle some on top eventually.

Do we need to utilize mustard oil?

No, you can utilize any oil. I simply favor mustard oil in such plans as a result of its flavor.


1-Heat mustard oil on medium-high warmth in a dish until it’s truly hot (this is essential to dispose of the crude smell of mustard oil).

At that point bring down the warmth and add cumin seeds and Hing, let the cumin seeds sizzle, and afterward add green bean stew, cleaved garlic, and ginger and cook for 1 moment.

2-Add the diced carrots and peas (frozen peas which were absorbed warm water for 10 minutes and afterward depleted) and mix well.

3-Add the turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt, alongside 2 tablespoons water and blend well.

4-Cover and cook until the veggies are cooked through on medium warmth, it took 6 to 7 minutes here since carrots were too new. It may require some investment relying upon the assortment and newness of carrots.

You may likewise have to add more water depending on the situation.

Add cilantro, you can likewise sprinkle garam masala. Serve Gajar Matar sabzi with warm roti!

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